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Monday, August 14, 2017

Curbing Private practice in UP Medical colleges

Dated 14 August 2017.

News channels are  reporting today regarding rampant private  practice being indulged in by Doctors in Medical  Colleges  of UP. This  is  a corrupt  practice. It  has  to  be  curbed. However  it has  been  going on  for  a  long time. Hence  it will  not  be  easy. You  require  drastic  action. I have  outlined below the steps.

1. Appoint an IAS officer  as Principal of each Medical college with  a  clear  mandate to curb the practice. Period  3 years.

2. Give an offer  of VRS to  Doctors àbove the  age  of  40 years.

3. Make transfer  of doctors from one medical  college  to  another after  every  5 years  compulsory.

4. In order  to  achieve the above a UP Medical  Education Service may be created as Medical colleges are  autonomous. Some changes will be  required in the structure of  the  colleges. (Current Medical Service consists of  doctors who are posted  in Government  hospitals. )

5. Similarly for the staff also.

6. To achieve  coordination a council  of all medical colleges  to be  created  (if not there already. )

7. Anybody found indulging in private practice to be terminated forthwith.

8. After 3 years the IAS  officers to be  withdrawn. 
Appointment of  Principals to be  centralized.