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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Aadhar number should eliminate all other numbers for individuals. (Revised)

Aadhar  number  is being  linked to PAN, Bank Accounts and many other  numbers.
Why not just  eliminate all other  numbers?
One by  one.
Eliminate  PAN for individuals. You file your return using your Aadhar number. For other  legal entities  having economic  identity, let  PAN continue.
You want to  open a bank account. You apply with your documents. Your account number is Bank branch code plus your Aadhar number. Last character is added to denote the nature of  your account - savings, current etc.
You are registered as a voter. No separate Voter  ID number.  Before the  election you  are just  informed about your polling booth number and its location.
You need  a  driving license. You pass the  test and your license has only your Aadhar number and your photo  and other details plus  the  type of  vehicle you are allowed to drive.
If you  are  a student and are appearing in CBSE exam,  your Aadhar number is your roll number.  You will be  given location of your exam  centre. When the result is announced you can check your result by punching your Aadhar number and a password which  you  may have created.
Similarly for Passport, LPG and host of other numbers which create confusion.
For  that matter  why should we have a separate GST number for individuals who are carrying on business as sole proprietorship.
[All these  suggestions are for individuals. For other legal entities such as companies, partnership firms, societies, trusts etc. a corresponding unique ID can also be created.] 

Revised on 29 December 2017.