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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shahar Chalo!!!

Where will future India live?

In schools we learnt, India lives in villages. Today 70 percent of Indians live in villages; 30% in Cities.

In 2030, what will be these percentages? In 2050, what will be these percentages?

I think, in 2050, the village population will be reduced to 10%. Ninety percent of India is going to live in cities and towns. In 2030, the figure can be 40% or 30% depending on the policies that our Govt. adopt.

Migration from rural area to urban area is inescapable.

Most of the time this migration is frowned upon. By whom? By urban dwellers of course. This is the story of the unreserved second class bogie in Indian Railways. If you are outside you want to get in. If you are inside you want others to keep out.

We have today NREGA and many other rural development schemes. They have been started with laudable objectives. But we have no plan and no scheme which facilitates migration of people from rural area to urban area in a systematic manner.

We urgently need a big plan to Domestic Migration. My slogan is "Shahar Chalo".