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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rebuilding Uttarakhand in integrated manner

Many villages in upper reaches of Uttarakhand have been destroyed in recent floods. Inhabitants of these villages eke out a meager living earning only in summer months from pilgrims and tourists. Usually these villages are small having population of 500 to 2000 residents.

While rebuilding Uttarakhand, these villagers should  be given support for building their own houses in the existing villages and they should also be given houses in enclaves being created in the lower reaches where the families would live during severe winter season

During winter also they can continue to earn their livelihood. For making them employable they should be given training to develop new skills. 

One enclave should be made for each village. This would help them maintain their traditional social relationships. The location of these enclaves should be closer to industrial areas. The stretch between Rishikesh and Dehradun  and the area around Haldwani and Kathgodam are two strong magnets for development.