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Monday, September 14, 2015

Six day week (2)

At current stage of development, our country requires to work six days a week.  5 day week is a luxury and privilege which is available to only a small percentage of population. People in Central Government, big Corporates and city schools. Even state government employees work six days a week in most of the states with second Saturday being off. In fact people who enjoy 5 day week are less than 5 percent of the working population.

Shopkeepers work six days a week. In fact seventh day is used by them to purchase the items from wholesalers. All daily wage workers want to work every day.  However they may not be lucky to get the work every day. Auto rickshaw drivers come out on road on Sundays also and are happy to get even if afew trips are available on that day. Farmers and village people do not know what is a weekly holiday. Maids and domestic helps take two holidays in a month.

Look around and you will find that 5 day week is a luxury that is available to only a minority of population. This minority is also most pampered. India at this stage of development cannot and should not keep pampering a privileged minority. We should revert to six day week. However one weekly holiday should be given without fail. (Remember. Our PM works 7 days a week.)


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